Company Overview

We are a leading online game developer and operator in China as measured by the popularity of our MMOG TLBB and our mobile game TLBB 3D. We engage in the development, operation and licensing of online games for PCs and mobile devices. This includes MMOGs, which are interactive online games that may be played simultaneously by hundreds of thousands of game players, mobile games, which are played on mobile devices and require an Internet connection and Web games, which are played over the Internet using a Web browser.

We also own and operate a number of Web properties and software applications for PCs and mobile devices (collectively referred to as “platform channels”), including the Website, one of the leading information portals for game players in China; RaidCall, which provides online music and entertainment services, primarily in Taiwan; and the Dolphin Browser, a gateway to a host of user activities on mobile devices, with the majority of its users based in Europe, Russia and Japan. Our platform channels serve various needs of our users and help us reach more user communities and conduct cross-promotions of our games and services.

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